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Annema Hotel
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Annema Hotel is situated in the oldest settlement in the municipality of Monemvasia, called Palaia Monemvasia, a picturesque village near the sea offering a charming view of the imposing castle built in Monemvasia Town and of the sea sinking below the Horizon!
It is built on an old threshing yard just 10 meters from the nearest seashore and 200 meters from the unique sandy beach Of the area (in Kastraki region) and only 7 km from Monemvasia Town.
The hotel has a capacity of 19 double rooms, 2 triple rooms and one four-person room.
There is also a cafe-bar and a restaurant serving Mediterranean, as well as local traditional cuisine.
Moreover the hotel pool is available for moments of relaxation!
Tel:+30 27320 - 68381
Fax:+30 27320 - 68382